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Black A4

The cleanliness isn't the problem as much as the little scratches that jerks
with wild shopping carts put in it.  It is the classiest, snazziest colour,
but it also is higher maintainence.

Still, how often is your car spotless?  When you want to have it at its
best, you get it washed.  Simple.  

I am annoyed at the scratches in mine, but if I had it to do over again, I'd
still get black.  

        '97 A4Q 2.8L (12V) Std Tranny Blk Leather

>Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 15:28:29 -0400
>From: "Brian McCune" <bmccune@apk.net>
>Subject: Black A4
>Can I get some commentary from the owners of black A4's out there?  I am
>considering a black A4, and have heard that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to
>keep clean.....should I consider a cactus green over a black?
>		Brian