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Wanted Combination Switch - '86-'88 5000s

     Hi gang....
     Anybody out there have a combination switch for the turn signals, 
     headlights, cruise control, etc. from an '86 to '88 5000.  I need to 
     replace the one on my '88 5000s.  The one from my '86 that I just 
     parted out was also not operational - too bad.  Anyway, if anyone has 
     one, let me know.... also how much you want for it..its a bear not 
     being able to drive at night (headlights won't go on).
     Also, I've been having a very intermittent problem with my driver side 
     power window.  Sometimes it just decides not to work.  For instance, 
     driving out of my parking lot, the auto down works fine (gotta swipe 
     the card to get out).  Once out, I'll put the window up, and less than 
     a half an hour later the window won't go down when I get to the 
     Jack-in-The-Box drive thru (maybe it doesn't want me eating 99 cent 
     Jumbo Jacks!).  Anyway, after I get back to my parking lot, it decides 
     to work...  Hmmm very strange.  Short of checking the length of the 
     wiring for a break, does anyone have any other ideas.  I did notice 
     that when the window was not operating, whenever I depressed the 
     switch, it sounded like a relay under the dash engaged.  Any ideas 
     would be appreciated....its kinda like playing Russian 
     Roulette...don't know when it'll happen again!