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Audi Turbo boost-up, The KNOB!

Hello all!

A few months ago a read from this mail list about Paul Timmerman's
(mailto:ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV) kit for higher boost for 
Turbos. Lucky me I was on my way to L.A. and Paul (and Avi) was 
kind enough to meet me there. Thanks to him!

For a very cheap price I got a detailed document for installation
and a set of parts which I was able to install in an hour. After
that it has been only fun... 

I do not know how much power I have (250-300hp?), but my hood goes
at least 10" higher when this new power hits the road! I was pretty 
sure this much fun can not last very long, but now after quite a time
it's still running pretty smooth. If YOU want to show those poor
Vettes what a 4 door German family car can do, get one!   :)

Technically I was running with 1.3 bar pressure before, but now
I have an adjustable 'knob' which propably can go as high as I
ever could want to. First I used 1.8 bar, then went down to 1.6,
but now I'm back with 1.8 again. I remember someone here telling
after 1.95 bar there will be some trouble... Only problem I have 
had this far was a sudden leak on pressure line but that was an 
easy fix.

Avi had an extra valve in his modification to keep turbo running
during the time you shift for higher gears (this is an original
installation for later models (89-up?)). This really is a must
for manual transmission but mine is automatic - though I can also
feel this problem when fast lifting accelerator pedal: high boost
but nowhere to go, so ECU cuts fuel injection off for a half second.
For me this is a very smooth thrust, but with manual propably bad.

Actually I got 5 Knobs from Paul and sold the others. One of these
guys called me later and told his Quattro is now burning with all
4 wheels and he must start using TrackBite or similar to keep his
car on the road... another guy had some Audi factory designed race
motor with 400+hp, but he wanted to have it adjustable (here the
winter time with too much snow is NOT for 300 hp cars).

Just wanted you to know... if you have a mechanical fuel injection
(models 1989 and older) then this Knob is a MUST.


parhain terveisin
with best regards,


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