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RE: Pikes Peak 6/24/97

Can we assasinate her husband?


>From: 	Ben Howell[SMTP:bhowell@rmii.com]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, June 24, 1997 8:49 AM
>To: 	Hussey, Dan; Todd Candey; Scott Mockry; Scott Justusson; Ronald
>Husak; Robert Myers; Paul Caouette; Osman Parvez; Mike Spiers; Michael
>Williams; Jim Griffin; James Marriott; Ingo; Eric Renneisen; Ed
>Kellock; Dave Lawson; Chad Clark; Carl Jerrits; Bryan Gunn; Bruce Bell;
>Brendan Rudack; Bob Cotton; Arun Rao; Alex Chernushin
>Subject: 	Pikes Peak 6/24/97
> Well, today I have the unfortunate task of bringing you the bad news
>the people at Pikes Peak. They called me last nigth and told me that
>Michelle would not be joining us for the hill climb. Supposedly her
>(I was bummed to hear that she was married) has something going on at
>same time and she felt that she needed to be there for him. That's all
> I do know that they wewe quite bummed themselves because she
>the ONLY woman to win the race. They truely did want to have her there
>they felt bad that she would not be there for us. It's obviously
>unfortunate that she will not be joining us, but I have NO doubt that
>will have a good time anyway.
>  Tickets: quite a few of you have asked about my "extra" tickets.
>amazingly enough, they were all gone within 2 hours of me saying that I
>them. So, yes, they are all gone, but you CAN still get tickets. They
>available at the gate of the race and they cost $25. 
>  My biggest concern was parking. I allowed for 3 "extra" cars over and
>above what I knew were going to be there. Those parking spots are now
>gone as well. So, if you bought a ticket late from me or you are
>on having friends come out with their car, they will probably have to
>car-pool up the hill with someone else. There is the possibilty that
>will be one or two spots opening up on the day of the race depending on
>shows up or if anyone spends the night on the hill. We will just have
>make that call on the day of the race.  
>  Time: Since we are going to Devil's Playground, the fine People at
>Hill CLimb offices have asked that we be at the gates no later than
>6:30am!!!!! This means that we will need to meet in a designated place
>no one seemed to have any problem with the head office in Manitou) no
>than 6:15. This is important and we need ta make sure that this part of
>  So, we are down to the wire here (10 days away) and I ask that if
>has ANY last minute questions, PLEASE don;t hesitate to ask them. I
>rather they got answered now......If anyone fells that they need to
>call me
>for any reason, again, please do it. I would be happy to talk to anyone
>about anything. Best time to get ahold of me is after 6pm MST, but
>leave a
>message any other time and I will call you back. That number is:
>See you all soon!
>Laters, Ben