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Re: More on fuel pump relay on 82 coupe(long)


The proper relay locations are given in the Bentley manual.  The
ones in the glove box are for the AC.  One of them is controlled
by a temperature sensor in the back of the cylinder head (over-
heated engine = AC off).  Another relay is to the right side of
the glove box.  It powers the electronics for the O2 sensor.

My fuel pump relay gets hot too.  Keep the relay contacts tight and
clean.  I had to replace my fuse box several years ago so I took
the old one apart and used the connectors in it to replace the ones
in the fuel pump relay socket.  If your fuel pump is drawing more
than 8.5 amps then it is bad and needs to be replaced.

Mine has not caught fire yet.  It just turned brown.  This is a poor
design as there is a Motorola comparator chip inside of it and high
temperatures will make it's life expectancy suffer.  I keep a jumper
in the glove compartment for when the fuel pump relay/relay connections
get flaky.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe