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RE: Driving Habits

Al Powell said:
>> The one exception I have found is Texas.  it is
>>a custom throughout the state (and we have very wide road shoulders
>>here) to pull over onto the shoulder while maintaining your speed,
>>and to let others pass.  This is a very helpful custom which is
>>observeed more often than not.
>> However, in general, Texans drive fairly quickly, pull over when
>>and are generally a pretty decent group to drive around.
This is true, but it's a darn good thing since passing a "Texas Cadillac"
(Chevy Suburban to the rest of the Country) going 90MPH can take a
considerable amount of time...fortunately, we know Al's P/U has that
special aerodynamic touch on the rear of the box :-)  My ten gallon is off
to this practice...I had forgotten about this until Al mentioned it.