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Re: TQC Strut Mounts/Bearings

Glenn Lawton wrote:
> I am told you can use the cheap 4kq fronts, but they are thicker
> than the urq blue ones, which are (I think) $100 each.

Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:
> When I did this job on my '85 Ur-Q last month, the rear ones in my car were
> blue, just like the fronts ... is it possible that the previous owner
> replaced them before you bought the car?
> Under heavy-duty use, I was never able to get the 4kq bearings to last more
> than 10-20,000 miles ... in fact, I still have four spares left from when I
> was autocrossing my '81 4000!  Linda @ Carlson sells the blues for $76 per
> ... best price I could find.

Phil Payne
> Anyone care to do something really rash - and post a part number?  Then 
> I'd understand what you all mean by "strut bearings" and I'd be able to 
> look them up.

Oooops, I checked the fiche, and Jeff you are correct, the front
and rears on the 83 urq are both the blue ones:

857 412 323B	Blue	urq	Dealer List Price $111.00 each
8A0 412 323D	Black	4kq	Dealer List Price $ 19.40 each