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little fixes

Frist time caller, lomg time listener.
I own a 86 GT and love it.  But has anyone fixed those little problems 
and could give some free advice?

1. Can you tighten up the front headrests. I refer 
to front and back tilt and not the up and down movement.

2. I yanked out the digital volt and engine temp. meter.  And put in the 
4k volt, oil press., and eng.temp. guages. everything works fine, except 
the oil pressure reads high.  Is it the sender, gauge, or sender location 
on the engine?

3. What is the noise comming from the starter after the starter 
disengauges i hear on lots of mid to late 80's Audis including mine. 
Shold i be concerened?

.....Thats enough for now.....