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Re: Black A4

Since sentiment seems to be running against black, I felt compelled to add
that I agree that black is very difficult to keep clean, but IMHO any other
color is a compromise.  For $30K or so I'm loath to compromise and besides
I happen to like washing my car.  So I guess you have to love the color or
washing your car.

Cactus Green would be my second choice.  I saw a Pelican Blue A4 1.8t the
other day and I think it was the ugliest color I've seen (hope I don't
offend anyone).

-- Jeff

'97 A4 2.8 (12V) Black/Platinum (2,500 miles - no shopping cart detailing,

>Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 15:28:29 -0400
>From: "Brian McCune" <bmccune@apk.net>
>Subject: Black A4
>Can I get some commentary from the owners of black A4's out there?  I am
>considering a black A4, and have heard that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to
>keep clean.....should I consider a cactus green over a black?
>		Brian