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91 200q Boost and WG springs (kinda long)

In message <0039a0739201867UBIMSSMTP01@email.msn.com> JoMi@msn.com writes:

> (not possible to dump codes on a 91 200q - need the VAG 1551).

Bollocks.  I posted the basic technique here a while back, but didn't retain a
copy here.  Anyone still got it?  Tedious, I know, and resetting's a pain - but
it _can_ be done.

... and later ...

Found it:


             1             2            3
           /---\         +---\        +---\
    2      |1.2|         |2.2|        |3.2|
           +---+         +---+        +---+
    1      |1.1|         |2.1|        |3.1|
           +---+         +---/        +---/

           Black         Brown        Blue.

This connector is (in a German car) in the driver's footwell.  I assume
it will be in the same place on a US car, and on the passenger side in a
UK car.

Connect a diode test lamp between 1.2 and 3.2.  Attach leads or a
push-button between 1.1 (A) and 2.1 (B).

Connect A and B for four seconds.  The diode should light up.

Break A and B.  A code will be blinked out.  To get the next code, touch
A and B together for four seconds again.  The end is signalled by 0000 -
2.5 second pulses some seconds apart.  Code 2111 should be ignored if
the ignition is on and the motor is not turning, unless you have tried
and failed to start the engine.

One caution with the Motronic - the memory is normally non-volatile.
This means you might pull codes that have been sitting in there for
months.  It is probably a good idea to clear the memory and then
repeat your error runs to clean up the diagnostic data.  Tediously,
without a VAG 1551, this has to be done by dumping every code in the
system (using the technique above) until the system indicates "0000"
by not flashing at all between the 2.5 second marker pulses.  You
must then touch A and B together for another four seconds - this will
erase the permanent fault memory, and you can therefore be certain
that the codes you pull after the next run are relevant.

Let us know what the codes are - the table is too long to post.  Well,
too long to type, anyway.


 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club