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(My) Pike's Peak Plans

Well, I am going to make this as short as possible. I just figured that I'd let everyone know what's in store (for me) over the next couple of weeks. I am including my hotel info, with phone #'s, so that if anyone needs to get in touch with the caravan, feel free to leave a message for me anywhere along the way.

Also, here are my home and work phone #'s:

Home: 410-515-5819
Work: 508-651-6666 x 5308

Try the home # first, since I'll sorta' be "ignoring" work for approx. 17 days!! (I'll still be checking messages, but when I feel like it and when I get a chance....) Besides, if you leave a message at my house, my PC pages me!! I'll get the message rather quickly that way.

I also have a (hands-free, FWIW) cell-phone (oh nooo... not that thread again!!) and a pager, but will refrain from posting that info here. In essence, if we need to get in touch, the wonders of modern technology will not fail us.

I am leaving this Friday (I'll uns*b probably Thurs. night) to drive to the Framingham, MA area. I'll be staying overnight at the parent's place.

I'll leave Saturday morning sometime to go up to Mt. Washington. I'll be up there late morning or early afternoon. I am trying to make arrangements to meet with others on the ride up, to caravan up there. Still working on that one...

I'll be staying in NH at a place called Conway Valley Inn (603-447-3858). Stott recommended it.

On Monday, June 30th, I'll be heading west with Brendan Rudack and his friend, and Ingo Rautenberg. We are going to drive to Rochester, NY (since it is about halfway to Columbus OH). I have booked a room at the Best Western Diplomat Hotel (716-254-1000).

On Tuesday, July 1st, we'll head out to Columbus OH to meet up with Bob Myers and his wife. I booked a room at the Best Western University Inn (614-261-7141; 800-628-0508).

The caravan will then be heading out on the morning of the 2nd, to St. Louis, to meet up with some others (Eric Fletcher et al....although this is still in the works...). We are planning to be there in the mid to late afternoon, to have dinner, and take a bit of a break from the driving. We will pick up some others here as well, (Eric Renneisen., Dan Hussey, Ed Kellock... anyone else??). After dinner, we will then trek on to Kansas City, MO. I have booked a room at the Best Western Country Inn North (816-459-7222).

On the morning of the 3rd, bright and early, the Audi convoy will head toward our final destination of Colorado Springs. We are planning on being there in the mid to late afternoon. We will then hopefully meet up with the rest of the "gang" for dinner. (We are still working on that one.) I have booked (as well as many others) a room for two nights at the Apache Court Motel (719-471-9440).
I plan on staying there at least a couple of more days, and I have booked a room at the Best Western Palmer House (719-636-5201) for the extra two nights. I will be doing the "tourist" thing for those two days, so if anyone cares to get together, or offer some interesting insight into the area, I'd appreciate and welcome it.

The Pike's Peak event sounds like it is going to be great. Thanks very much to Ben Howell for really pulling this thing together from out there in CO. It wouldn't have been possible without his hard work. And while I am at it, thanks to all those that have volunteered to help with this event, and for all your efforts. I'm sure we'll have a great time. This is going to be quite the memorable experience.

>From what Ben tells us (as of our last update), Michele Mouton will probably be with us for most, if not all, of the morning up at the summit of Pike's Peak, at our dedicated parking corral. It will be awesome to hang out with her... plenty of nice chat, autographs and pictures galore....

I am not sure yet of my return route (hmmm.... is that a subconscious attempt at not wanting to ever come back??). I may be coming back via a southern route with Bob Myers and/or Unka' Bart (who, as you may already know, is out "there" somewhere, in his bright red Porsche 911 Cabriolet...). I am still working on that one....

Anyway, I hope that I haven't left out anyone or excluded too much info. I apologize for any shortcomings and deficiencies.

Well, in the event I don't "talk" to everyone before I venture out... take care... have fun... keep the peace... and I'll drop a line once I return. I'm planning on taking plenty of pictures, and will get them up on my site as soon as I can when I get back.

Best wishes...


Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 100S