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Re: Leaky Turbo Feed Line MINE.

    Well after removing half of the contents of the engine compartment, I
have fixed (hopefully) my oil leak.  I had some Earls braided line left over
from my 'cooler line swap last year.  I cut out the bad section of hose,
cleaned up the flanges, and put  the new section of hose in.  Thanks to
Bertls Racing Engines in Antioch IL, for having the proper fittings to
accomplish this.  Just for giggles I coated the remaining factory flanges and
hard line sections with Extend rust inhibitor,  never used it before but
figured what the heck.  I replaced all the rusted, siezed, rounded allens
with stainless fasteners and bolted her all back together.  I didn't fire her
up tonight since I didn't have enough new oil at the house and I wasn't about
to make ANOTHER trip into town today.  
     Well, here I am one step closer to Blackhawk,  next is installing the
new rear tie rod that I found for a steal (half of dealer) at the Parts
Connection ( formerly IPC).  I may even put in my new braided lines that have
been a passenger behind my drivers seat for three weeks.  Thats if I want to
do battle with the remains of a true hacker,  The last guy to service the
brakes on this car left me a siezed bleeder screw on the right rear and a
broken one one the right front. 

 I LOVE my UrQ, but sometimes....

Thanks to all that replied on my hosed up situation.