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RE: 90 coupe

All I can say is be VERY careful with the owner of this car (I think his
name is Tim).  He has lied to several listers about the damage,
including not admitting to the car's Salvage title.  Ben Howell tried to
go look at it several times, but every time he did, the owner was no
where to be found.  I offered the guy $3500 for the car 2 months ago,
which at that time he said was "not enough."  I'm glad I didn't buy
it...  If you got a good look at it, I hope you understand the potential
costs involved.

I think it was Bryan Bowen who said the car hit a motorcycle, and ran
over it, while the driver flew up on top and broke the windshield and
tore off the driver's side mirror.  The undercarriage damage you see is
due to running over the motorcycle.  From what I've heard it sounds like
there is potential frame damage under the driver's side door.  Audi
wanted to rip the floorboard up and do lots of other work to make it a
driver again...

If you do plan on buying this car, you should buy it for Wholesale blue
book - 20% - cost of repairs.


-mark nelson

<<Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 15:19:41 -0600 (MDT)
From: Link Brian <link@casa.colorado.edu>
Subject: 90 coupe

I found a 90 coupe quattro that was totalled by the insurance company.  
Not much body damage, mostly cosmetic lots of plastic off the front.
scary damage:  the suspension took a good hit.  Needs rear stab. bar., 
lower control arm, and 1 strut assembly.  The subframe looks a little 
displaced but not terrible and rear muffler, front windshild.   The 
inside of the car is 100%.  $3600 
bucks.  I'll give out the number if anyone is intrested.  I'm pondering 
it myself.  Its in the Denver, Boulder  Co. area>>