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Coupe Q & 9020V owners.......READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!

OK, this is a monthly update in case we have any new 20V Coupe or 90 owners
on the list who are not on our little subgroup for the rare 20V Audis.  

We started our own Qlist for these owners to help cut down on the band width
of the QList, by asking our fellow 20Vers first, and then asking the QList at
We have been a great help to each other when it comes to parts and upkeep of
these wonderful cars, and have even worked on a couple of group discount
purchases for performance upgrades.

I don't have a listing of who all is on the list right now, but if have one
of these cars and need instructions on how to join our emialing list, email
me back!

       /\        _I         Christian J. Long and Breeze Heller (better half)
     /    \ I_I I_I I       Orlando, Florida, USA
                            University of Central Florida Alumni 1994
'90 Coupe Quattro   Red/Blk, K&N cone, BBS rims, 83K, FL tag:QUATRO-1
'90 90                    Gold/Tan, 74K
Past Audis:  '80 5000T,  '84 Coupe GT,   '85 Coupe GT,  '87 Coupe GT2.3