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Re: pentosin types

> > > I suspect that you're right about Audi selling only one type, at least in
> > > the US.  They've always given me the can with the red cap, p/n G 002 000,
> > > which is the 11S stuff, for my '87 5000 S.
> > 
> > True.  The Bentley and I believe a TSB too say the G 002 000 should be
> > used in all systems and can be mixed with the old part number
> > (which I don't remember, but the one you have below looks right).
> Yup, BTDT.  The "new" 11 Pentosin carries the correct G 002 000 part
> number, and is a replacement for all cars.

The newer red Pentosin is sythetic, the old green color was not.