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Pike's Peak Run (Eastern contingent)

Bob and all:  I'M GONNA MAKE IT!  I think I can, I think I can, I th...

I will probably be leaving Poughkeepsie NY on 6/30 and plan a straight
drive to St.L with a short visit with family and then on to KC.  This
route is I84W to I81S to I80W to I76W to I71S to I70W to I44W to I70W.
For reference:  Columbus is at I71/I70, St.L is at I70/I44/I55, KC is
I70/I35, and I70/I25 is Colorado Springs.

My brother and I plan to leave KC on the 2nd or 3rd for PP.  The week of
the 6th I will be heading for Denver and Estes for a few days at my
cousin's "cabin".  On or about the 10th, I'll be headed back to KC.  On
or about the 13th I'll be leaving St.L for NY straight through.

Does any of this come close to a rendezvous time/place for any of you?
I haven't gotten accomodations for the race weekend.  Where are people
bunking?  Does anybody want to split sleeping space --mail me?

I'll pack the laptop, so mail anytime.  If anybody would like phone
numbers for various stops, mail me.

Car?  That would be the 5ktq or the CGT, whichever gets its wheels on 1st!
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 19:01:20 =0400
From: Robert Myers <rmyers@inetone.net>

Hi, Y'all,
Plans are pretty well firmed up for the few days before and after the
Pike's Peak Hillclimb.  At present, the eastern contingent will be
converging along the westward trek in places like Columbus, St. Louis, and
Kansas City.

Anyone else from the more or less east and/or midwest who would like to
join the caravan, please get in touch pretty quickly.  We'll be en route
starting June 30 and July 1.  After that it will be too late to contact any
of the presently scheduled convoy.

We will touch base with Eric Fletcher in St. Louis on the afternoon of July
2 if anyone needs to contact one of us.