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#$%@#$ turbo coolant pump

I too had this problem after breaking off one of the plastic fittings
while doing the clutch. I set out on the internet and other sources like
Thomas register to find a cheap replacement. I figured a cheap 12V water
pump was $20 so how much more can a coolant pump be. After many phone
calls and price quotes I did find one brand (March Pumps) that they say
will take the temperature, pressure and coolant. I don't have the model
number with me but can get it if anyone is interested. I think the cost
was about $180 which is a little more than you can get the Bosch for but
the manuf. says they run forever. I ended up buying a stock Bosch from
Blau. for $145.

The problem is finding one which will hold up to the coolant combined
with the temperature (220+ degf) and pressure (15 psi) and is 12VDC.
There are a few pumps that will work but they are 110VAC.

I also would like to know if anyone knows of a replacement.

87 5KTQ - with new Bosch turbo pump.