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Re: BMW List Address?

This is beginning to get out of hand... may I suggest before anyone else
decides to post a "where can I find another marque's mailing list" message,
that they perform a web search? Personally, in a previous non-Audi life I
was a member of the MB list, the BMW list, and the Sinatra list, all found
through web searches. Try entering "BMW mailing list" in the search
criteria, I'm sure it will be found. BTW, I found the Audi list by
performing a web search and I found Dan's List page.

Sean Ford
sean@nwh.org                       '92 Audi 100CS 5spd 22K mi
Newton-Wellesley Hospital      '89 Suzuki Katana 600 14K mi
Newton, MA  02162 (USA)      http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/5528

> From: Paul C. Waterloo <74543.407@compuserve.com>
> To: INTERNET:quattro@coimbra <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: BMW List Address?
> Date: Wednesday, June 25, 1997 2:17 PM
> Does anybody know the address to the BMW list?
> Paul
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