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Re: 4kq rear strut removal PITA, help!

James Marriott wrote:
> Haudi,
> One of my rear struts is stripped at the top (the Allen socket). I tried
> Vise Grips on the strut shaft, but the surface is too hard for them to
> get a grip.
> Any ideas other than:
> Install spring compressors
> Cut strut shaft with torch
> Remove lower strut assy/spring
> Weld handle to top end of strut shaft
> Remove
> Hmmm, maybe I could just weld the handle to the side of the shaft
> without the torch business.
> tia,
> James (wishing I had 220 V in this &$&#* rental so my compressor could
> play with me)


  I have used the VISE grip method and if you get a GOOD grip and good
vise grips it will do the trick.  Grip it between the coils.

    Marty S.