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4kcsq but dragging . . .

Hey now, 
	I've been experiencing a very low riding rear end in my 87 4kcsq and 
was hoping someone could suggest an alternative to the factory springs 
and shox.
	Int. in :
	better shox and springs for rear
 upgrades (better than stock) susp bushings, all flavors
Also, opinions and reasons to back them up on the following:
Is there a better bang for the buck in a tire for the stock 4kq wheel 
than the dunlop d60a2?  I have a problem with them chopping horribly 
after only one to two hard controlled slides . . . 
BTW I need new rear susp and tires so please post sugg. and where to buy 
to me directly.  
PS.  Anyone know of a GREAT body shop with Audi experience any where 
near North Carolina??
Thanks in advance, 
87 4kcsq
95 Jetta Glx VR6