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Any source for a durable steering rack??

Dear Audi Fans,

        The #2 steering rack on my 5kcst is leaking Pentosin very badly
since the weather got hotter and hotter. The sad thing is that #2
steering rack has only been on my Audi for two years, and now it
consumes(leaks) about one quart of Pentosin per week. Since the situation
is getting worse, I have decided to get a #3 rack for my Audi, but I
really don't want to get the #4 and #5 rack in the future....

So, my question is:

        Does anyone know which mail order place has the most long last
and durable steering rack available?? I remember that, very long time
ago, someone had mentioned about the metal seal rings steering rack or
something like that. Are they still available?

Thank's for you time

Albert Ng
'87 5kcst