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RE: Steering pump questions

Brendan wrote:

	>My next concern is bleeding the system when I >rebuild the
pump.  Can one
	>person handle bleeding the hydraulic system, and >will I need
any special
	>tools to do it?

Don't worry, it's easy.
1. Before connecting the lines to the pump, pour some fluid into the
pump and rotate the pulley several times by hand.
2. Connect the lines and fill the reservoir with fluid
3. Jack up the front of the car and turn the steering wheel form lock to
lock quickly several times.
4. Put the car on the weels, add fluid to the max level. Start the
engine. Repeat step 3 ( you don't need to jack the car ). Add fluid once
again if necessary. You are done.

You can eventually skip step 2 ( I did and nothing bad happened )

					good luck