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RE: Audi W engine, not the first!

Phil wrote:
	>Porsche will (and do) perform technical work for >_anybody_.
They always have, 
	>and they always will.  And, of course, the >_original_
Volkswagen was designed 
	>by Porsche.  The RS2 is a more recent example of an
>essentially Porsche-engined 

I've always wondered why Seat dropped the Porsche-designed engines when
it became part of VAG. 90hp form 1.5l and 75hp from 1.2l with 2 valves
per cylinder. Sure the guys at Porsche know their job. Also the engines
for Lada Samara were designed by Porsche. In spite of Soviet build
quality, they still are able do do lot of miles without rebuild.