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Re: alternator questions

"Scott J. Doherty" <urcoupe@stans.com> Wrote:
>the 91 200 added a new trick today.  the abs and battery light as well as 
>the e brake light all illuminated at once.  seem to remember this meaning
>that the alt. is shot.  replaced once by Audi dealer to the tune of
>$700.00 and not willing to do this again. BTW 11.2 on channel 11 of
>climate control and under 12 amps on guage.

	Rather than buying a new alternator, might I suggest getting the
current one rebuilt?  I replaced the alt on the GF's '86 5K for the tune
of $250.  When the one on my car went, I did some investigating, and
found a local shop that rebuilt mine in less than 3 hours, and it's been
humming along just fine ever since.  Cost less than $100.

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