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RE: Audi W engine, not the first! (low Audi content)

The SEAT System Porsche 90 hp/1.5L engine had 60 hp/L, just a touch
below the specific output of the Audi V6 and the VW VR6, both also of
the two-valve variety.

That probably wasn't the reason, though -- the primary problem with the
engines was that they wer loud, raucous and unrefined.  I put about
5,000 km on an Ibiza 1.5 with the System Porsche stickers on the car,
and I can't say that I fell in love with the engine.  The later
generation Ibiza with the VW 1.8L 90 hp engine was much more civilized
and enjoyable to drive (except maybe on the Finnish forest back roads
... but that's another topic altogether!)

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> Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 11:20:35 +0200
> From: Aleksander Mierzwa <alex@matrix.com.pl>
> Subject: RE: Audi W engine, not the first!
> I've always wondered why Seat dropped the Porsche-designed engines
> when
> it became part of VAG. 90hp form 1.5l and 75hp from 1.2l with 2 valves
> per cylinder. Sure the guys at Porsche know their job.