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Re: Audi future plans!

Time to get your facts straight...

> Volvo built a "Duo" several years ago.
It was just a prototype, never sold to the public.  Audi has been
developing this technology since the mid '80s calling it "Duo" all
along.  BTW, I'm looking at a picture of a 5000 Duo Wagon right now.

> Mercedes Benz pioneered Air bags, seat belt tensioners
Wrong on the airbags, not sure about the seat belt tensioners.  Audi
recognized the problems with early airbag designs and decided to take a
different approach to passive safety.  They designed the Procon Ten
system which uses a simple mechanical process to retract the seat belts
and, on European cars, actually pull the steering column away from the
driver in a serious frontal crash.  This system was widely praised in
Europe for its effectiveness.

> volvo did crumple zones
Wrong. This was Mercedes this time.  Volvo was the first to implement
3-point belts and head restraints.  With the possible exception of side
airbags (not really engineered by them), I can't think of a single piece
of pioneering work Volvo has done since (I'm sure I'm missing
something).  It seems to me they have decided to simply build inferior
Audi clones with a Swedish flavor.

> Bugatti ran several AWD cars in GP's.  
This is apples and oranges.  Audi was the first to build a true AWD
production car with center differential.

> Space frames are also not new technology.  
Again, matter of perspective.  The Audi Space Frame (ASF) is
revolutionary in every way.  It took 15 years to develop.  Never before
has a car been built with aluminum this way.  This is why Audi and Alcoa
hold so many patents on the new technology.  BTW, the NSX uses standard
unit body construction.


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA