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RE: 82 qtc troubles

O2 sensor?
-Ian Duff.
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	Sent:	Thursday, June 26, 1997 12:43 PM
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	Subject:	82 qtc troubles

	Dear Listers,
	 Over the years I have been battling the infamous 4000 cut out.
We have done
	everything short of replacing the fuel pump, fuel distributer
and computer. I
	have an IA stage 2 computer, I'm running 14 lbs. I just put in
platinum plugs
	and had my mechanic really go through everything.  It seems to
happen more in
	the afternoon (when it's hot) and if I really jump on it it
seems to cut out.
	But if I accelerate gradually it goes just fine.
	ANy comments?

	Thanks for the help in advance!

	Chuck Leiter