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Re: Coupe Quattro 20V ISV question

Mark Nelson wrote:

> Hmmm...that really seems rather odd, since I *think* Bosch makes the
> plugs for these cars!  Have you tried any other brand of plugs besides
> the Bosch plats?  I've mostly run NGK's in my ex 5KTQ's with no
> problems
> whatsoever, and was going to run the same in the s2.
> cya!
> -mark nelson
>         <<

Most other plugs were resistor types. And they were way way worst than
the platinums.
I haven't seen any tri electrode NKGs. what the number of these plugs?

 By the way I'm getting your mail twice. There should be ony one from
you and one from the list server.

1990 QC