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Re: Brakes

DeWitt Harrison wrote:
> Bob Ringlien wrote:
> > I spent the day scrounging boneyards for 89 200 parts with no luck.
> >A friend may have a bomb I can try but is out of town.  I found a used
> >ISV for my daughter's 85 5kt for $20 so the day wasn't totally wasted.
> One more thought on your brake drag troubleshooting effort: since
> the bomb is a limited service life item and since your 89 200 is
> probably about due anyway and since you have decided to try changing
> this part first, yadda yadda, why not just install a new one?
> One less thing to worry about for your trouble. In any case, installing
> a _used_ unit should probably be regarded as a diagnostic measure,
> not a fix, whether it solves the problem or not.
> DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek.com
> Boulder, CO
> 88 5kcstq
   I like your way of thinking and it meshed with ideas I had this
morning.  The used bomb will go in as a diagnostic aid for now.
I've have to put it on back burner right now as the 85 5kt my daughter
drives needs a tie rod before wheels go their separate ways.
   Thanks again.
RC Ringlien