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Re: What should I do with my Audi?

'Breach of contract', 'Exculpatory Clause', and 'Waranty of Merchantability'
 usually scares the sh$t of these guys too!

- Douglas

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Well...after nearly 11 months, my Audi is still not repaired.  I have had
seven separate appraisers from liberty Mutual to see my car since January and
all of them say they see no accident damage on the car.  Even the original
body shop stands firm that the work they performed was excellent.  I had the
senior supervisors from Liberty to see the car yesterday and they report that
they do not see no such damage (that to me is obvious damage).  In my furry I
went down to my car at the dealership and dissasembled the front bumper cover
and accessories only to expose  that accident damage that was paid for was
not repaired and what was repaired was scary.  I also noticed real heavy rust
on the "new" weldings and exposed wires and a whole bunch of other sh%^.  I
called Liberty from my cellular and told them that they had better get there
tommorow before I do with the television cameras. I think my words went
something like "fraud", oh and "unfair and deceptive practices".  

My question is....how much of this sh#@ do I have to take?  What am I
entitled to?  Even my agent says I should insist on a full refund from the
body shop.  $12,000-ish What should I be asking for at this point?  A new car
possibly? A house? Is anybody interested in taking this car off my hands
after all the litigation?  1990 200 Quattro

For those of who who dont know the whole story, it may be a lesson in "car
insurance" that you dont wanna miss, e-mail me directly for more info.  For
those of you who do, thanks for letting me get a little more off my chest.

Brian (200 be or not 200 be, that is the question)

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