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Re[2]: EM JetHot Coatings

     The fabric you described is exactly what I was planning on using. I 
     had considered bending a sheet of aluminium to fit between the two 
     manifolds but methinks there maybe contact between this and other 
     parts of the engine/body in an ur-q. i.e. there's not much space in 
     As far as using the fabric on the turbo, I would think, (hey and I'm 
     usually wrong :) that you wrap the cold side of the turbo?
     Bruce, Ian, Mike T,
     Thanks for your posts, I was under the  misunderstanding that the 
     coating is only on the outside of the manifold, what you guys are 
     saying makes a lot more sense. It would seem that coating the EM, the 
     hot side of the turbo and the down pipe are probably a good start to 
     get some of the  heat out from under the bonnet?
     Is the coating used by JetHot ceramic based?
     Thanks, Mike