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Temp Sender

In message <01BC80B5.5F7CEDB0@port2.spng2.vermonter.net> "Andrew L. Pennell" writes:

> I need to install an oil temp sender in my 81 TQC. Where do I put it?  I'm 
> sure someone on the list has had experience with this, but I could not find 
> any specific answers in the archives.

The parts fiche is not entirely clear.  It looks like #069 115 431B - a "plug" 
on the bottom of the oil pump - is wound out and replaced by #035 919 521B.
But the plug acts as the retainer for a spring and piston assembly that I 
believe is the over-pressure relief valve.  The drawing of the sender could be 
of a normal sender - or it could be of a device with a spring and piston on the 
Either way - #035 919 521B is your baby.  Get one and see.
 Phil Payne 
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club