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help with pricing (everyone)

ok all...this is still a few months away, but i think i am going to sell 
my 85 Coupe GT.  I am probably going to get either a 90 Quattro or a 
944...i know, i know...I am a die hard audi guy, but i am also a die hard 
Porschefile, so it is a conflict of interest.  The problem that i have 
has to deal on how to price my car...here is the info.  Another reason 
that i am selling it is that i really cant afford to keep fixing it...but 
you guys already know about that...hehe...

157,000 miles
5 speed
dont know how the compression is

what is right:
new timing belt and water pump
new yokohama AVS intermediate tires
interior is in very good shape with no cracks or anything in the dash
also it has the dark grey cloth interior too with a sunroof

what is wrong: (oh boy)
exhaust manifold
engine mounts
front and rear brake work
circuit board behind the dash needs to be replaced
electrical stuff all over the placee
paint job (the one that is on it has very little gloss on the drivers 
side and is cracking)
was in an accident a few years ago (pretty bad..but car feels the same)

so i am asking what you think i should sell it for? i am thinking in the 
range of 1000-1500 dollars.  But i have had a quote for the brakes, 
exhaust and mounts for about 1000 dollars.

Also i have new shocks for it, but they are not installed.  I can either 
sell them with the car, or return them...or i can have them installed.

The main problem that i am thinking is this: if i get all of the work 
done for say 1500 bucks, doyou think that i can get 3000 for the car? i 
may be getting a paint job for free if i need it and deem this car worthy 
and a good investment enough to paint it, if i can get that much more 
money from it, or i can get that new paint job on the new car i would 
get...i dunno...i jsut need help here...please..


Michael Sheridan Williams
1985 Coupe GT
155,000+ miles

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