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Re: '94 Audi 90 Ignition Switch recall


I bought the car ('94 Audi 90CS Quattro).

I included the ignition switch recall repair on my list of things for the
dealer to do. However, he claims he's checked the computer several times
and it says there is no ignition switch recall for this particular car.  Is
it possible that he's looking up 'outstanding' recalls (i.e. recalls that
have not been performed) and therefore when he comes up with "none" that
means this recall has in fact been done?

I don't want to have a problem with the car (like all the electrical
accessories failing) later. Do you have any suggestions on how to get this
dealership to just do the repair?  Alternatively, is there another way (for
me) to absolutely determine if the work has been done or not on the car?

I'm supposed to take delivery next Thursday! :-)

Thanks for your help,

At 06:43 AM 6/24/97 -0700, Keleigh Hardie wrote:
>See responses below...
>> From: Mark Granoff <Mark.Granoff@Software.com>
>> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>> Subject: '94 Audi 90 Ignition Switch recall
>> Date: Tuesday, June 24, 1997 5:13 AM
>> 1. Was the recall applicable to ALL '94 Audi 90's?
>Yes, along with 93 & 95 90's and Cabs, 94 100's, and 95 A6's (off the top
>of my head)
>> 2. Is there a way to determine if the car needs the repair?
>The dealer service computer can check Audi's records to see if this was
>done ever, anywhere.
>> 3. Is this repair something I should demand be done before purchasing the
>If it hasn't been done, it should be, before, after, whatever. If it fails,
>usually some several accessories (A/C, windows, etc.) will fail to operate.
>Worst case scenario, it won't start, though that's rare.
>Get it done if it hasn't. What the hey, it's free.
>88 80Q
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