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Re: US 98 2.8 A4 commercial (30v in racing???)

In a message dated 97-06-26 07:48:58 EDT, you include a snippet from me and
add some of your own:

<< > The only tenuous connection to racing that comes to mind has to do with
 > five valve head configurtion, and not even on the V6.  There was a 5-valve
 > 5-cylinder engine that Audi used for some endurance records years ago.
 > Talladega, I think, and another abortive attempt at Nardo in Italy.
 Quite the opposite actually, for the Nardo attempt anyway- Audi
 shattered two records. In my earlier post I noted that that particular
 200 25V averaged 203 mph for 1K km, and 202 mph for 500mi... >>

I stand by the comment that the Nardo attempt was abortive.  I didn't say
that it failed to produce a few record times, but it certainly failed to
establish the series of records (for the longer distances) that Audi had
hoped.  The missing informtion is that the Nardo endurance attempt was
aborted _very_ early in the run due to a variety of problems.  As a result,
Audi only broke a few records for very low speed/distance combinations.  The
earlier Talladega attempt was much more successful, as it broke the existing
closed course record and set a number of other record times.