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Criminal charges against ME ! (was) What should I do with my Audi?

Get a load of this one.  Since I have begged the insurance company to revisit
the car on so many occaisions and they cant seem to see (duh) related damage,
I figured that I would go and remove the chrome plastic trim on the front
bumper so the insurance company cant play the "what we cant see, doesnt exist
game".  I removed it last night and viola! Damage!  So I left yet another
message for Liberty to revisit my car immediately.  I phoned today to
follow-up and was hung up on.  So I went to see my car again to take pictures
to put in front of the ins co.'s face.  When I got to the dealer, the dealer
saw me and asked me if I had removed the plastic trim, because he had
reported it as a theft when he noticed it was missing.  He told me that
because he had a mechanics lein against the car I am not allowed to touch it.
 Later that day when I returned he told me that he is pressing criminal
charges against me for stealing parts of my own car, even though I replaced
them. WHAT NEXT? Murder one?

Audi stuff......on the passenger side frame rail, there is some real funky
welding and some real random looking work done there.  It is rusting pretty
good, is this something I should be real concerned about?  Is it normal for
these welds to rust so soon?  

Brian (soon to be ex-Audi owner, soon to be ex-con)