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Re: Coupe Quattro 20V ISV question

J. Sala wrote:

> My 91 CQ exhibits similar low rev instabilities very ocasionally
> (usually
> after coming off hard throttle). Changing plugs from Bosch
> tri-electrodes
> to Platinums made no difference, car runs very smoothly most of the
> time.
> I do not believe this is a plug issue.
> BTW, Bosch Silver vs Platinum was almost the same price.
If you have the Bentley book, do this. Jumper the computer to put in
open loop. Then check the voltageat the O2 sensor. Should be .4 to .8
volts. Gun the engine, the voltage should swing from 1 to 0 volts.
If when you put the computer in open loop your idle drops like a rock or
the engine cuts out , you
have air intake, ISV or fuel trouble.

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