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Do Audi make any Diesel Quattros?

In message <19970627231946.AAA8880@gonzo1> "andrew speer" writes:

> A recent British car publication (Complete car) lists prices for an A4 1.9
> TDI quattro, A4 1.9 TDI quattro Avant, A6 TDI quattro, and A6 TDI quattro
> Estate.

Mebbe.  Not seen any yet.

> Am I missing something?  I thought diesel quattros would be relatively
> common in limeyland. :-)

Audi UK's policy to date (and I have not heard of any changes) has been
to offer "quattro" on new vehicles _ONLY_ with the largest engine option
and bundled with lots of (IMO) unnecessary crap.  quattro per se, again
IMO Audi's most potent differentiator, is strictly a top of range option
in the UK.  I don't know how many Mondeos this sells for Ford, but I
suspect it it is a very large number.

Audi's UK marketing is bizarre, to say the very least.  Withdrawing all
their parts stocks from Wellingborough, given the enormous local Audi
population, is insane.  I now have to wait three days for parts that
used to be "over the counter" because VAG UK has decided to zone my
area as "VW" rather than "Audi".  Imbecilic.

Other 'performance' diesels - most especially the Mondeo turbo diesel,
but also BMW and DB variants - have sold quite well here until very
recently.  The environmental benefits diesel was supposed to have were
recently exposed as minimal or illusory, and so the tide is gently
swinging against diesel engines once more.

Again IMO (all of this is subjective) the diesel option in the Mondeo
is so well implemented that the vehicle is more than highly competitive
against the A4.  It's distinctly the other way round in the petrol
versions - if _only_ we had the 1.8TQ!!!

Diesel was never the no-brainer (because of fuel prices) that it was,
e.g., in France.

 Phil Payne

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