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Re: antique cars - (vintage/classic please!)

Actually, Auto Union was formed by the four companies: Horch, Wanderer, DKW
and Audi.  This is the strory behind the four rings.  At some point, I seem
to recollect that it was in the early sixties, the image of Auto-Union was
overehauled - the four rings remained, but the Audi name started being
used.  Check the Audi official web page at

Jouko Haapanen
Automarkku Oy Audi-VW
Pori, Finland

> From: Andrew Fletcher <fletch@taunet.net.au>
> To: dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com; quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: antique cars - (vintage/classic please!)
> Date: 28. kesäkuuta 1997 07:25
> Audi was actually the combination of four motor car producers originally
> hence the four rings. The answer to your question is no it wasn't an
> Audi, but it may have been a Horsche (think I spelt it correctly) or an
> Auto Union. Both of which were some of the original companies combined
> to form Audi.
> Yes, John I'm back on the list - give me an email when your free.
> Andrew Fletcher
> Continuum Technologies
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> 1981 urq
> > All that was visible of both cars were the noses.  Here's the
> > question...could the antique(looked like about 1930ish maybe?) have
been an
> > Audi?  It would be kinda silly for an Audi dealership to be showing
> > random antique car next to an Audi.