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Re:Scorpion or Stebro -S6 wagon

> From:          Kwattro@aol.com
> << $800 for a freak'in muffler!!! >>
 Hey, that's what I said too but for what it's worth, yesterday I was able to drive an S6 
wagon with the 3" Stainless monster exhaust from T.A.P.  The fitting of this exhaust to 
this car was not very easy. It was rubbing at the rear subframe and near the center diff 
when we first bolted everything together. After jacking it around a bit and using a 2 
dollar hammer to slightly modify the $800 exhaust system, the fit was perfect.  I 
initially expected the rumble from the exhaust to be very loud but much to my surprise, 
it gives the car a perfect tone at all RPM's and never sounds too loud or obnoxious. At 
idle it is even  surpisingly quiet. This system just sounds great, period!
 I guess that's what you get for a "tuned" exhaust costing 800 large. Don't know if it 
made the car any faster or spoolup from the turbo any quicker as we also put in a T.A.P. 
computer good for an extra 60 and also a K&N cone filter at the time. What incredible 
acceleration though!  
 I still don't know if I could fork over the cash for the same system for my car. Anyway, 
thought I'd let everyone know. I don't have any experience with Stebro.

Also, anyone needing any exhaust replacement parts for their S4 or S6? Complete dual cats 
and mufflers available with 26k mi. 

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq