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1989 Pig-out 505 Turbo questions...

This afternoon, I stumbled across a relatively low-mileage (70k) '89 Peugeot
505 Turbo for sale cheaply ... it needs new tires (dry rot) and a
passenger-side headlight but otherwise was in good shape and pretty clean.
It has been sitting for two years (belonged to an ex-husband, who moved to
Alaska and never came back to get it!) but eventually start after I jumped
the battery and hit it with some starting fluid.

Anyway, I know it's not an Audi but I'm tempted to buy it as a cheap
transportation car for my girlfriend as I think anything would be nicer than
her present '89 VW Fox wagon ... for $950, I can't go wrong, right?  If any
of you have any experience with these cars, please tell me why I should pass
on it ... btw, it gets 180hp from its 2.1L motor (and has a fairly large
intercooler!) and is RWD.  Not as good as AWD, of course, but LOTS more fun
to drive than FWD!  ;^)
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