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I get the hint!, and a lawyer (No Audi)

Allright, Allright already! Im a little stuborn sometimes, as most of my Audi
friends are too.  I will focus more on the attorney.  My problems with the
attorneys though,  most of the one's Ive talked to say "Yes, you have a case,
but Im not interested in taking it because of the small amount of return
involved."  I have tried to go through the yellow pages, Harvard Law,
referrals from friends and q-listers, The Mass Bar Association, and still I
have no attorney.  Sometimes dealing with them is more difficult than the
case in point.  Maybe I am not asking for enough money here.  I have told the
attorneys that I wanted $30 per each day that I am without my car and maybe
some blah blah blah, but they seem to discount all of this.  A few people
have mentioned "mental anguish" (a plenty), but I dont think this is
recoverable.  Chapter 93A consumer protection laws apply here, and should the
judge agree, I would be awarded triple damages.  But only actual damages.  I
also realize that the car will need to be re-repaired so a new private
appraiser is in store.  But I get the hint nonetheless.  So everyone back to
q-questions and I am off to the legal list.