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front end cluncking noise

I have a 1988 Audi 90 fwd that has had all the bushings changed, new
struts, ball joints, tie rods, strut bearings, brakes, and rotors.  The
problem I'm having is that every time I stop and then take off there is
a clunking sound coming from the right front.  I have taken the car to a
local mechanic and to the dealer and still have the problem.  The
dealership told me that the ball joint was loose and tightened it up but
the noise came back a few days later.  I have 141,000 miles on the car
and don't what could be wrong.  If anyone has any info I would like to
hear from you.


1988 Audi 90
1984 Audi4000sq
1970 VW Beetle Conv.