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little fixes cont.

Thanks to the people who helped me fix my starter noise,  The head rest 
problem hasn't been solved.  I'm not worried about safty.  If someone 
rear ends me my head will go back a little bit but not too far to cause 
wip lash (I'm not a doctor).  If i get ambitious i will disect it and see 
what wore out.  
***To return a favor anyone who wants some info...I own a 86 
coupe, one of the things that really bothered me was the glare form the 
dash.  I think i share the same configuration with all 4000 and ur's.
The glare was pretty bad, and at times made driving tough.  I recently 
bought a pair of polarized sunglasses.  Wala no more glare.  The 
polarized lenses don't allow any of the reflected light to pass.  It was 
kind of stunning.  I bought a brand called "spy".  I know Ray-Ban and 
many other expensive manufatures make polarized glasses along with some 
pretty cheap fishing glasses. I would give them two big thumbs up.

Thanks again
Brian Link
 86 coupe GT 100%
 46 Ercoupe 415-D
 Klien Pinacle