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Re: Re[2]: EM JetHot Coatings

firkins@eis.net.au said:

>The local Jet Hot franchise reccomended that I coat the exhaust manifold ,
>down pipe turbo & exhaust back at least as far as where your cat would be.
>He also commented that I may have to coat the entire exhaust as the temp
>from there back will be much higher than before and may cause probs where
>its close to the body.

By the time that it passes where the cats should be (Did I say that?!!) 
the exhaust gases are plenty cool... besides there's nothing there to 
heat up.

>When I started investigating ceramic coatings, I found a web site for
>another ceramic coater (didnt bookmark & cant remember the name). They
>claim to have their coatings on something like 17 of the cars at this years
>Indy 500.  I'm surprised that Eric didnt mention them.

That would be HRC and their product is not nearly as good as Jet Hot, for 
instance their regular temp coating is only good to 1300F whereas the 
Base Jet Hot is good to 1500F, The HRC hightemp is good to 1750F where 
the Jet Hot is good to 2000F. HRC also does not give you a money back 
garranty, Jet Hot does.  As for claims of caoting the exhaust of the Indy 
500 cars.... Remember Indy Rookie League cars generally went boom at 
their race, great advertisment......


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO