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My first question.

I have looked through the archives and found a wealth of information
regarding the climate control in my 86 5000. This is great, but it is
hot and the air conditioner is still not working.  Regarding the diags:
Checking channel one indicates 00, which means everything is good. Well,
it isn't.  The compressor will not turn on.  I know the compressor is
charged and works because if I manually close the contacts of the air
conditioner relay, she works fine and blows cool air inside.  (I pried
the cover off a spare relay inserted it and then closed the contacts
with my pinky)

Two things about the diagnosis seem at odds.  Channel 03, the inside
temperature sensor read 125 via the diags.  I was inside and it is a
summer day, but not quite that hot.  The other sensors all read 85.  I
don't know if this is a problem or not.  I would think if it sensed 125,
it would try to bring it down.  Again the fault channel read 00,
indicating this sensor was neither open or shorted.

Next, channel 21 (AC on signal) indicated correctly when I previously
turned it on auto or left it on off.  I don't have the manual, but I
assume 00 is off and 01 is on.

The only other confusing item I found looking at all the channels, was
the number of low voltage occurances at 4. How long a period are those
occurances spaning?  Is this something that is affecting my climate
control?  The vehicle voltage reads 12.2 with the engine off and 12.7
while running the engine.

With the program unit indicating everything ok and the AC signal on,
there must be something in between the program head and the relay.
Perhaps I have an open wire.  If there is no other obstacle between the
head and relay, could someone please tell me the pin number on the edge
connector which the AC on signal originates from?  I'll run my own wire.

There is one other bit of information that could offer a clue.  The
temperature gauge has not worked for some time.  Last year the air
conditioner worked intermittently, but I am not sure if the temp gauge
was working then or not.

If it comes down to the interior temp sensor, can someone tell me how to
get that bugger out of there?  I tried to pry it out but succeeded in
breaking the plastic flange and getting screw driver dents in the padded

Thanks in advance.  I'll wait for this question to percolate before
asking a question about my 92 100CS.