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4KQ Trunk Lid Gas Struts

In response to Tony Lum's query:
>Subject: 4kq trunk (boot?) gas struts
>Do your gas struts actually lift the trunk lid and keep it open?
>The struts on my '85 were so weak the trunk kept falling on me like a
>guillotine, so I replaced them with a pair from a '86 4k (not Q) which
>seem to work perfectly well.  When I installed 'em in my car,  there
>was no change.

The original struts on my 4KSQ weakened over time.  It didn't take too
many knocks on the noggin to persuade me to replace them with new
ones.  Now several years later the replacement set still keeps the lid
open.  Non-Q 4Ks have a different-shaped trunk; is it possible that the
strut arrangement is different, even though the lid (minus the Q's spoiler)
is the same?   Seems unlikely, as does the theory that the extra weight
of a spoiler is just enough to render the 4K's struts ineffective.  If you
end up ordering a new set and installing them properly, they should hold
up.  :-)

'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28