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Re: Breather Hose

Hizzoner Jeff Goggin sez:

> >ALSO chck the multi-port hose on the rear end of he rocker arm cover
>                                                      ^^^^^^^^^^ And
> where would this be found?  I think you've been cheating on us and
> playing around with V8s again...  ;^)

Now, Jeffrey.......tsk, tsk.

About 3/4 of the way back on the top engine cover (yeah, so I think 
of it as a rocker arm cover - so sue me) on the I-5 engine is that 
silly expensive multi-port hose which looks like a crow's foot and 
likes to crack or turn to expensive German "black pablum".  It likes 
to die off about the same time as the breather hose.

I stand corrected in my terminology....

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