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Re: Next ur-quattro upgrade

Steven Buchholz writes:
> > Next upgrade - has anyone looked at adding "one touch" window controls to an ur-
> > quattro?
> > 
> ... to do it you will need to add feedback signals from the motor to 
> the controller.  It is only two wires, so it shouldn't be too difficult 
> to do ...
> BTW, *in the US* it appears that the v8q and perhaps some 200qs have one 
> touch up as well as down.  This mod requires no additional wiring once 
> you have auto-down ...

The current generation of Audis (A4, A6, A8) has one-touch down for all
four windows, and one-touch up on the fronts.  The front windows (as well
as the sunroof, which is sort of auto because of the rotary knob preset
feature) has built-in pinch protection.  If, while auto-closing, they
encounter an obstruction, they will reverse direction a bit and stop.

I presume the pinch protection requires a special window motor and
controller module that is sensitive to torque changes due to resistance
of movement.  This is not likely to be easily retrofittable to the
older cars...

On a related note, I retrofitted the older-style one-touch down driver's
window system (out of a 84 5000S Turbo) to my 80 4000, which used to have
hand crank windows.  I used the window regulators from an Electric-Life
power windows kit for the 4000, which has high quality coiled metal wire
type mechanism rather than the factory cable system.  I then adapted the
5000S Turbo's window/sunroof control module to the 4000, complete with
the wiring harness and switches.  It works beautifully...  even the
retained power feature after the ignition shut off (until the driver's
door is opened).

96 A4 2.8 quattro
84 5000S 2.1 turbo
80 4000 2.0
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