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Banners & Climb

I tried my darndest to get a banner.....especially since I am a promoter
in the winter for the Climb.....no dice...though, they are trying to get
some to purchase....

So, to al of you....I didn't get to meet you all....but I hope you
enjoyed watching our Saleen go through its paces.  We just timed our
video of Ray's second run and his fast time was actually 7:41:00.....4
seconds faster than the fast run they gave him.....it would not have
changed his position, but it did tell him he did improve.  There is so
much more in him with this car...it's SO much different than the Mitsi
(FWD) was on the hill....you could see him tense up on the dirt because
the car was a handful there....I was so excited by his times though. 
It's our first top 10 at the Mountain.....AND a very prestigious place
to be for sure.....

For those of you who did not see the Vette when they got it out of the
woods....Mike Wilson (a dear friend for the past 20 years)...is VERY
lucky.  His safety equipment did it's job in saving his butt.  The car
is a mess....when I can, I will do a snap shop of the car off my video
and send it to the list.  

Also, for those of you who drooled over the short wheel based S@ owned
by Shokan......my sons were both given a brisk ride in it.......YES! It
is very quick......very quick.  They were most impressed.  

Thank you all, on behalf of the folks who race and work at and for the
Climb to the Clouds for all your help and especially for your great
outpouring of support for Audi.  It surely made the Audi folks happy and
surely impressed the drivers.....

And from Ray.....he said to thank all of you for your encouragement and
cheering....he really loved it.  The support was great.  (He loves
having a fan club!)

Thanks again to all of you.